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How can Christians say we have the only way?
Can that be truth?
How can they be so judgmental and exclusive?
Should Christians be judgmental?

There is a way we are supposed to judge.

And a way that we judge which is sinful.

Judgemental Christians (Extended Version: aprox. 40 min.)

Judgemental Christians (shorter version)


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Maybe it's time to get outside?

Don’t wacko’s hear God’s voice? Don’t TV preachers say they hear God and sometimes rip people off?

Is God powerful enough to truly “speak” to sincere, authentic humble person? Why doesn’t He speak to you? I propose that He wants to, but it is difficult to hear Him.

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The prosperity “gospel’s” teaching decieves people into thinking that if you have enough faith, God will bless you materially.  It might sound something like:  You want a new car, go to Jesus, name it and claim it…

Click the tree and check it out this power video presentation. 

The prosperity gospel hurts people. 

Pastor Piper boldly says he feels “hatred” towards it.  (more…)

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I loved the movie Atonement- until the end.  Atonement was articulate, intense,  passionate, meaningful, romantic and deep.  In the end, the heart of the movie was pulled out.  Its need for a climactically atoning ending never occured.   

The movie anticlimaxed with a placebo “atonement”.  For me, the whole movie came crashing down, as if the cornerstone was pulled out.  

Atonement portrays “atonement” as if it can be otained through one’s artistic abilities (writing great novels).  One reviewer wrote: 

“Can an artist make amends for her sins through her art?”  – Peter Travis of Rolling Stone.

Is our need for atonement transcendant and substantial or is it something we can create for ourselves? Is atonement an subjective occurance or it is an absolute-  related to what we need before God?    

ER artfully, passionately and articulately trumps Atonement’s empty defintion of atonement:

  I found this at Christ is Deeper

Dr Truman needs real (more…)

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