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How can Christians say we have the only way?
Can that be truth?
How can they be so judgmental and exclusive?
Should Christians be judgmental?

There is a way we are supposed to judge.

And a way that we judge which is sinful.

Judgemental Christians (Extended Version: aprox. 40 min.)

Judgemental Christians (shorter version)


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Two adolescent boys in walmart and a flat tire later, we pulled into the dark campsite.  Night had come and I wasn’t looking forward to putting up our tent in the dark.  As we drove around trying to find a spot to set-up camp we saw some other campers wave to us.  We came around again and pulled over by their spot.  Ben and Andrea were the nicest people you could hope to run into.  They pulled out the map of the campsite and were more than helpful in any way they could (including offering us fire wood) possible be.  I thought to my self how wonderful it is to run into super friendly and happy people. (more…)

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