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I have taken the last four days to enjoy time alone with my beautiful wife to celebrate God’s grace through 17 years of marriage . 

Though, I wasn’t great company on the way there– I slept through much of it.  And, the first night I didn’t exactly give my wife the impression that I was excited about the next 17 years- I fell asleep early.  The truth is, I had been looking forward to this trip for quite a while, I was just exhausted. 

Inately I knew that I needed this “busyness fast” to have the quality time with God I was longing for.  I not only fasted from responsibility but also from technological devices (yep, I even journalized with a pen). 

As my anxiety went down, it was like clouds left my mind.   A deeper level of thinking became so easy; my mind experienced clarity. I felt as if I was more available for connection, not only with my wife, but even with God. 

The following is a result of that time alone with God:

Most people I know, seem to be making their way in this world as if they have a leak in their emotional energy tank (me included). 



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building-bridges-romans-16_494_1024x768.jpgMaybe it feels like there is something missing in our lives because there is.

Maybe the voice that tells us we need to make time for ourselves is right.

If we don’t prioritize our time, we will be victims to a tyrany- the tyrany of what “presses us the most. ” (more…)

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