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When Jesus has his party, it will not be a potluck. ūüôā

A message that just may¬†completely¬†shatter the image of Jesus that you have come to know… ¬†Jesus is more than we can begin to¬†grasp…if¬†you¬†realize this, and come to understand the humanity and love He¬†shares, I’m quite certain you will be pleasantly shocked and delightedly surprised…


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Atheist sign erected in Legislative Building in Olympia, Washington

Atheist sign erected in Legislative Building in Olympia, Washington

Last night I heard a Pastor Ken Hutcherson being interviewed on TV (in response to the infamous Washington State atheiest sign).  He said:

¬†” I believe in Jesus Christ, and if you don’t, that’s ok, you are going to fry like a Jimmy Dean… Sausage, (pause)¬†on judgement day.”

Though I admire the strength of Pastor Hutcherson’s faith, I wonder if he is releasing his anger or frustration at the wrong party.¬† Our¬† battle is not¬†against atheists.¬†As Rick Warren said (in the interview cited below) , “Jesus loves everyone”- atheists included.

Some of the media framed this as an “attack on Christmas”.¬† This wasn’t an attack on Christmas, on God, on Christians or on Jesus.¬† (more…)

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We were made to enjoy greatness…
Our TVs is not worthy of our pursuit…
We were made to enjoy something greater than all creation.
Does our credit card debt weigh down our self respect more than we think?
Our longings cannot be quenched by something we can buy. 
 The fullness we crave cannot be found amongst all created things. 
Our great longing cannot be quenced by anything created- not even things created by God.  
All our longings can be quenched, but not any created thing.


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