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From Part I:  “It is your integrity that has the best chance of saving or strengthening your marriage.  Fight for your integrity, but separate it out from the other things you think you need to fight for.” 

Fighting is not a bad thing.  It is important to fight for your marriage/relationships. 

The question we have to ask ourselves is “what is it going to take” before we do our part and how far does God say our part should be “willing to go”.

 The video clip is about 9 minutes.  But you only really need to watch the first 30 seconds and then  from 5:40 until the end. 

In this clip, (more…)


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We were told a lie:  “Get married and live happily ever after.”  Even if you knew that was at best- an exageration, most of us still believed that we needed someone to “complete us”.  We believed that once we had Mr. or Mrs. Right, we woudl have the life we always dreamed of. 

Do you (at least secretly) consider your marriage majorly dysfunctional?  I think that most marriages that look happy are a) faking it; b) havn’t hit the external stressors that are out there waiting for us all; c) living as little more than room mates or d) happy because they have “worked through” what I will be explaining over the next few months in this series. 

Dysfunctional marriages work- so have hope.  (more…)

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