Now That You’re Gone (Robert Klug – My Dad)

I didn’t know while you were here The joy and security you brought my heart. Dad's Memorial Service

I didn’t know how much I liked to see your face It really hits me on the significant days of my life.

I didn’t know your voice had so much power I didn’t know it carried a tune of love, of inspiration – a melody that my heart liked to dance to.

But now that you’re gone Every birthday song is missing a voice.

Every party is missing a story or a gag.

And every present opening is missing the satisfaction of your stare.

Now that you’re gone I can’t call you on the darkest days of my life.

I can’t hear your voice when my heart is filled with self-doubt.

I don’t have you to be excited for me as I live my life. But I will carry on.

Because your life, your heart-has marked mine. Continue Reading »


God’s volition will transpire. His power will prevail. His purposes will succeed. You can plan, you can focus, you can run, but ultimately God’s providence is like fate. God chose to give you volition, too. Your ability to choose can cause you more grief…OR, land you in the zone of receiving unanticipated joy which is one of the benefits of being His child. We choose certain ways, but God’s will prevails.

Providence means that the saying “Stuff just happens” is ignorance. It means that the idea of fate is impersonal and atheistic; that the world, the countries, the cities, and the people in them are not just free to “do as they please.” Providence means that evil people may have free will, we may have free will, but, God is so involved that He can affect the outcome of any situation, as He chooses and designs… Continue Reading »

I asked Robbie to play this at church Sunday.  Short notice, but he is good enough to pull it off.

1I(A) waited patiently for the LORD;
   he inclined to me and(B) heard my cry.
2He drew me up from(C) the pit of destruction,
   out of(D) the miry bog,
and(E) set my feet upon a rock,
   (F) making my steps secure.
3He put(G) a new song in my mouth,
   a song of praise to our God.
Many will(H) see and fear,
   and put their trust in the LORD.    Psalm 40 ESV

After Gustave Dore/The Bridgeman Art Library/Getty Images

After Gustave Dore/The Bridgeman Art Library/Getty Images

Jesus goes from making wine out of water so that a wedding can continue its celebrating, to wreaking havoc at the worship center (temple). 

I have heard many people state their confusion by God’s apparent moodiness.  It seems to some that the God of the Old Testament (OT) was angry, but when Jesus came, God became loving.  Continue Reading »

The life of Jesus is full of ironies.

  1. The people who thought they knew God, didn’t.
  2. The people who thought they were far from God, weren’t.
  3. Do you know Him?  Are you sure?
  4. Are your prayers cold?
  5. Does His presence seem far away?
  6. When you consider what He has done for you on the cross, do you feel the “joy” jumping inside you”?

It is ironic that He does not force His Kingship as terms for salvation.

Yet, honoring Him as King is the only way our hearts finds rest, once we are His.

We often correlate holiness with morality.  I think holiness has also to do with the transformation of our character in such a way that we are just happy on the inside AND not afraid of what others think.  People ought to see us and be forced to react.   Some will say we are wierd, some will want to join in, but almost everyone will smile… kind of like the people watching this improv.

God wants to put our character on display so that He would recieve the glory.

Thanks go out to Bill Giovannetti for leading me to this.

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