John 2:1-26

When Jesus has his party, it will not be a potluck. ūüôā

A message that just may¬†completely¬†shatter the image of Jesus that you have come to know… ¬†Jesus is more than we can begin to¬†grasp…if¬†you¬†realize this, and come to understand the humanity and love He¬†shares, I’m quite certain you will be pleasantly shocked and delightedly surprised…


Are you at the end of your rope?Human sitting silhouette in back-lit in tunnel exit
Are you tired of this life?
Feel like giving up?

Though I gave this message about three years ago and I might present it in a more subtle way (if I were to ever preach on the topic again), I believe it sheds light on some of the reasons average “good people” are turned off to Christianity.¬† The very same people, who in my opinion would probably not be “turned off” by Jesus.

Maybe it's time to get outside?

Don’t wacko’s hear God’s voice? Don’t TV preachers say they hear God and sometimes rip people off?

Is God powerful enough to truly “speak” to sincere, authentic humble person? Why doesn’t He speak to you? I propose that He wants to, but it is difficult to hear Him.

Joy Killer

I was just thinking about what a “joy killer” materialism is ~ although we don’t like to admit it, most Americans have this disease. I know I do; it’s just not as bad as yours¬†…Shop-the-pain-away‚Ķ1-508x620 ūüôā Continue Reading »

I would like to address a couple of issues. Does God still heal people of physical sickness? If he does, how? – through what methods?

From left: Mark Ford, Jack Kelly, Greg Leitz;  Front: Parker Ford

From left: Mark Ford, Jack Kelly, Greg Leitz; Front: Parker Ford

Do you need oil or to say a certain prayer? Do you need to have a high degree of faith? If God does still heal, why does He heal some and not others? Jack’s experience which I’m about to share with you, I believe answers the “how”?

This letter was given to me by one of my dearest friends, Jack Kelley. I have his permission to let you read it. Jack Kelly volunteers as an EMT at the Lake of the Woods Fire and Rescue. Continue Reading »

What I have learned over¬†the last few months confirms to me that¬†Life is like a book.¬† When you are reading a good book, the character may not seem to have much hope.¬† He or she may even be in despair, on the brink of giving up,not sure how to survive their mistakes or the evil done to them.¬† This character may be totally discouraged, feeling like their dreams have perished as the chapters of their “life” have moved on…

Your heart may be reeling sick right now about your own sinfulness; you may feel like trash, or you may feel like a victim of somebody else.¬† You may even feel¬†like you have lost everything…but, you do not¬†know what the next chapter holds.¬†

I feel like God is¬†telling me that¬†I’m not even half way through the book of mu life… there will be more losses and more mistakes, but there will also be even more grace.¬† God’s love is unilateral and unending!¬† Blessings of restoration are to come.

The creator of this video wrote, “I thought the song totally fit his (George Bailey) feelings in the film.”

“…a Stable once had something inside it that was bigger than our whole world.'”¬† Lucy in The Last Battle, by C.S. Lewis

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