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building-bridges-romans-16_494_1024x768.jpgMaybe it feels like there is something missing in our lives because there is.

Maybe the voice that tells us we need to make time for ourselves is right.

If we don’t prioritize our time, we will be victims to a tyrany- the tyrany of what “presses us the most. ” (more…)


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prost2.jpgThe bully’s awareness of her sin feels like an accusation by itself- but he likes words better.  He sadistically watches the sinner clinching- wounded, spiteful and condemned.  For her part, she is collecting her anger to unleash her spite in an emotional rage…   

The preacher walks in, but not to defend or debate.  He proclaims: Here is God’s truth, the ground of self righteousness has been removed; (more…)

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The orginal publicity piece for our new sermon series on Ephesians may sound dramatic.   I really like it and would  like to share it with you here:

It is not famine that starves our daughters…It’s not weapons of civil war that is shooting our sons in schools and shopping malls…It’s not tyranny’s military dragging away our fathers and mothers… Yet our marriages, our families, our churches and our communities are suffering great loss… they are ever increasingly in conflict. Rapids are dragging us away to unsafe waters, to self-destruction…These rapids are carrying away our youth, our marriages, and our mental stability… 

But there is another, stronger current.

There is an under current moving against self destruction and conflict….

this current gives us life and strength;

undertow-final.jpgGod’s Undertow: A Preaching Series based onthe book of Ephesians

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I had a conversation this week with someone I respect a great deal… a very thoughtful and smart person. He/she asked me how grace theology changed anybody. It is great, is delivers people from guilt and shame that can destroy them. But how does it change anybody. How does knowing that your sins our blotted out and that your not under the law (though absolutely wonderful and amazingly beautiful), how does that change anyone.

How does God’s grace change us?

What is the major proof that Jesus rose from the dead? That the Bible is true? The world is full of doubters and skeptics, what is the number one reason they should give Christianity a serous looking into?

Does it really change people?

If our church grows to 10000 and no one is really changed for the better; no marriage is saved or strengthened; no teen is saved from suicide and has become a disciple; no GenX has been delivered from an addiction…

Read the verses noted above and Psalm 110.

 Click the tab “Colossians” at the right for more…

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