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“These things—the beauty, the memory of our own past—are good images of what we really desire; but if they are mistaken for  the thing itself they turn into dumb idols, breaking the hearts of their worshipers. For they are not the thing itself; they are only the scent of a flower (more…)


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Atheist sign erected in Legislative Building in Olympia, Washington

Atheist sign erected in Legislative Building in Olympia, Washington

Last night I heard a Pastor Ken Hutcherson being interviewed on TV (in response to the infamous Washington State atheiest sign).  He said:

 ” I believe in Jesus Christ, and if you don’t, that’s ok, you are going to fry like a Jimmy Dean… Sausage, (pause) on judgement day.”

Though I admire the strength of Pastor Hutcherson’s faith, I wonder if he is releasing his anger or frustration at the wrong party.  Our  battle is not against atheists. As Rick Warren said (in the interview cited below) , “Jesus loves everyone”- atheists included.

Some of the media framed this as an “attack on Christmas”.  This wasn’t an attack on Christmas, on God, on Christians or on Jesus.  (more…)

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Two adolescent boys in walmart and a flat tire later, we pulled into the dark campsite.  Night had come and I wasn’t looking forward to putting up our tent in the dark.  As we drove around trying to find a spot to set-up camp we saw some other campers wave to us.  We came around again and pulled over by their spot.  Ben and Andrea were the nicest people you could hope to run into.  They pulled out the map of the campsite and were more than helpful in any way they could (including offering us fire wood) possible be.  I thought to my self how wonderful it is to run into super friendly and happy people. (more…)

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Shane spoke with a passion that seemed to come from deep inside.  I found myself drawn into the story.

Him and his friend did a wonderful job presenting a picture of Jesus that today’s youth could really get their “brain around”.

They make a great point that we serve the kingdom of God and not America and that our hope is in the King of Kings and not in any president.  It was inspirational how they communicated that it is the church’s responsibility to care for the less fortunate- and that we shouldn’t rely on the governement for that (though their help is welcomed). 

However, (more…)

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A Somewhat Defensive Intro.
Jesus didn’t say He told the truth, He said that He WAS THE TRUTH.  I believe that He means that all truth belongs to Him.  I do not believe it matters who speaks it, sings it or writes it…all of it is Jesus’ and He is therefore in it.  The tricky part is that evil is truth that is bent.  The Bible itself has been used for evil when people twist it or interpret for their own end.  So, I believe every Christian is called to do the hard work of renewing their mind- to have the mind of Christ that we may be able to extract truth in all its beauty- though it is surrounded by the ugliest of lies. 

Now, having watched the video of Ms. Rawlings commensement address- I was moved to paste some of it to gracecreed since I discerned the breath taking beauty of Jesus in it. 

Author of Harry Potter books brings God’s truths to light at Harvard address.  Here are selected quotes from her commensement (the scripture inserted is my doing and may not represent Ms Rowlings in any way) :

“Ultimately, we all have to decide for ourselves what constitutes failure, but the world is quite eager to give you a set of criteria if you let it…” (more…)

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I have taken the last four days to enjoy time alone with my beautiful wife to celebrate God’s grace through 17 years of marriage . 

Though, I wasn’t great company on the way there– I slept through much of it.  And, the first night I didn’t exactly give my wife the impression that I was excited about the next 17 years- I fell asleep early.  The truth is, I had been looking forward to this trip for quite a while, I was just exhausted. 

Inately I knew that I needed this “busyness fast” to have the quality time with God I was longing for.  I not only fasted from responsibility but also from technological devices (yep, I even journalized with a pen). 

As my anxiety went down, it was like clouds left my mind.   A deeper level of thinking became so easy; my mind experienced clarity. I felt as if I was more available for connection, not only with my wife, but even with God. 

The following is a result of that time alone with God:

Most people I know, seem to be making their way in this world as if they have a leak in their emotional energy tank (me included). 


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