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Life is so short.  It rarely turns out as we planned.

Does your heart desire more?

Are you settling for less than God has for you?
 Are you thirsty for more- to feel more alive?

Love that Quenches Every Thirst
Satisfies our Deepest Longings
Over the top, excessive, beyond what you can imagine.
A Love that fills us to overflowing.

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After Gustave Dore/The Bridgeman Art Library/Getty Images

After Gustave Dore/The Bridgeman Art Library/Getty Images

Jesus goes from making wine out of water so that a wedding can continue its celebrating, to wreaking havoc at the worship center (temple). 

I have heard many people state their confusion by God’s apparent moodiness.  It seems to some that the God of the Old Testament (OT) was angry, but when Jesus came, God became loving.  (more…)

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My personal financial advisor Eric sent me this info about our economy’s economic disaster:

  •  “2 staight quarters with Gross Domestic Product lower than the previous is the definition of a recession.
  • The unemployment rate rose to 6.8% this past quarter.
  • The auto industry (Ford, GM and Chrysler and all parts producers and suppliers) employs about 10% of the U.S Work force.”

Is God judging our nation? (more…)

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all different – all equal
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I was asked an important question after last Sunday’s sermon– by my wife no less.

She reminded me of some things I preached earlier that day:

1)  below the cross we are all equal (Eph. 2:19)

 – that under the law we are all equally quilty of sin before God and below the cross, we are “in Christ” and  we are all equally forgiven- we all belong to this church in equal standing. 

2) some sins are worse than other sins (1 Cor. 6) 

-Murdering someone is worse than stealing a pencil.”  

“So”, she said, “which one is it?


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I had a conversation this week with someone I respect a great deal… a very thoughtful and smart person. He/she asked me how grace theology changed anybody. It is great, is delivers people from guilt and shame that can destroy them. But how does it change anybody. How does knowing that your sins our blotted out and that your not under the law (though absolutely wonderful and amazingly beautiful), how does that change anyone.

How does God’s grace change us?

What is the major proof that Jesus rose from the dead? That the Bible is true? The world is full of doubters and skeptics, what is the number one reason they should give Christianity a serous looking into?

Does it really change people?

If our church grows to 10000 and no one is really changed for the better; no marriage is saved or strengthened; no teen is saved from suicide and has become a disciple; no GenX has been delivered from an addiction…

Read the verses noted above and Psalm 110.

 Click the tab “Colossians” at the right for more…

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