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How can Christians say we have the only way?
Can that be truth?
How can they be so judgmental and exclusive?
Should Christians be judgmental?

There is a way we are supposed to judge.

And a way that we judge which is sinful.

Judgemental Christians (Extended Version: aprox. 40 min.)

Judgemental Christians (shorter version)


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Life is so short.  It rarely turns out as we planned.

Does your heart desire more?

Are you settling for less than God has for you?
 Are you thirsty for more- to feel more alive?

Love that Quenches Every Thirst
Satisfies our Deepest Longings
Over the top, excessive, beyond what you can imagine.
A Love that fills us to overflowing.

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Z & Dev 002be still in the quiet and realize you will be given full measure, your passion will Batten so if you can give time for yourself listen to this:

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