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God’s volition will transpire. His power will prevail. His purposes will succeed. You can plan, you can focus, you can run, but ultimately God’s providence is like fate. God chose to give you volition, too. Your ability to choose can cause you more grief…OR, land you in the zone of receiving unanticipated joy which is one of the benefits of being His child. We choose certain ways, but God’s will prevails.

Providence means that the saying “Stuff just happens” is ignorance. It means that the idea of fate is impersonal and atheistic; that the world, the countries, the cities, and the people in them are not just free to “do as they please.” Providence means that evil people may have free will, we may have free will, but, God is so involved that He can affect the outcome of any situation, as He chooses and designs… (more…)


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