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Shane spoke with a passion that seemed to come from deep inside.  I found myself drawn into the story.

Him and his friend did a wonderful job presenting a picture of Jesus that today’s youth could really get their “brain around”.

They make a great point that we serve the kingdom of God and not America and that our hope is in the King of Kings and not in any president.  It was inspirational how they communicated that it is the church’s responsibility to care for the less fortunate- and that we shouldn’t rely on the governement for that (though their help is welcomed). 

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32 Yes, you are an adulterous wife who takes in strangers instead of her own husband. 33 Prostitutes charge for their services—but not you! You give gifts to your lovers, bribing them to come and have sex with you. 34 So you are the opposite of other prostitutes. You pay your lovers instead of their paying you! Ezek 16  NLT

This section of scripture is not literally about sex at all.  (more…)

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