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When we mess up, He is there with the power of the gospel…

We will never be the same…our hope is in His power…

Our beauty is His glory..


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I have taken the last four days to enjoy time alone with my beautiful wife to celebrate God’s grace through 17 years of marriage . 

Though, I wasn’t great company on the way there– I slept through much of it.  And, the first night I didn’t exactly give my wife the impression that I was excited about the next 17 years- I fell asleep early.  The truth is, I had been looking forward to this trip for quite a while, I was just exhausted. 

Inately I knew that I needed this “busyness fast” to have the quality time with God I was longing for.  I not only fasted from responsibility but also from technological devices (yep, I even journalized with a pen). 

As my anxiety went down, it was like clouds left my mind.   A deeper level of thinking became so easy; my mind experienced clarity. I felt as if I was more available for connection, not only with my wife, but even with God. 

The following is a result of that time alone with God:

Most people I know, seem to be making their way in this world as if they have a leak in their emotional energy tank (me included). 


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Often it seems like the negative stories of police officers make the news…

Check this article out for the stories that don’t make prime time news:


There are many brave and selfless men and women who have risked and lost their lives protecting us.

I give thanks to God for the brave and virtious police officers of the USA.

 For the families who have lost a fallen hero, may God’s presence comfort them.

For those who continue to patrol our streets, may God strengthen and protect them and may their tribe increase.


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