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We were made to enjoy greatness…
Our TVs is not worthy of our pursuit…
We were made to enjoy something greater than all creation.
Does our credit card debt weigh down our self respect more than we think?
Our longings cannot be quenched by something we can buy. 
 The fullness we crave cannot be found amongst all created things. 
Our great longing cannot be quenced by anything created- not even things created by God.  
All our longings can be quenched, but not any created thing.



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From Part I:  “It is your integrity that has the best chance of saving or strengthening your marriage.  Fight for your integrity, but separate it out from the other things you think you need to fight for.” 

Fighting is not a bad thing.  It is important to fight for your marriage/relationships. 

The question we have to ask ourselves is “what is it going to take” before we do our part and how far does God say our part should be “willing to go”.

 The video clip is about 9 minutes.  But you only really need to watch the first 30 seconds and then  from 5:40 until the end. 

In this clip, (more…)

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