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There is something inside us that realizes that someone needs to pay for what we have done-

        someone     needs to suffer here…

        someone     needs to be punished… 

Someone has…

Crucifixion is a violent, extruciatingly painful way to die.



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The prosperity “gospel’s” teaching decieves people into thinking that if you have enough faith, God will bless you materially.  It might sound something like:  You want a new car, go to Jesus, name it and claim it…

Click the tree and check it out this power video presentation. 

The prosperity gospel hurts people. 

Pastor Piper boldly says he feels “hatred” towards it.  (more…)

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all different – all equal
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I was asked an important question after last Sunday’s sermon– by my wife no less.

She reminded me of some things I preached earlier that day:

1)  below the cross we are all equal (Eph. 2:19)

 – that under the law we are all equally quilty of sin before God and below the cross, we are “in Christ” and  we are all equally forgiven- we all belong to this church in equal standing. 

2) some sins are worse than other sins (1 Cor. 6) 

-Murdering someone is worse than stealing a pencil.”  

“So”, she said, “which one is it?


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We were told a lie:  “Get married and live happily ever after.”  Even if you knew that was at best- an exageration, most of us still believed that we needed someone to “complete us”.  We believed that once we had Mr. or Mrs. Right, we woudl have the life we always dreamed of. 

Do you (at least secretly) consider your marriage majorly dysfunctional?  I think that most marriages that look happy are a) faking it; b) havn’t hit the external stressors that are out there waiting for us all; c) living as little more than room mates or d) happy because they have “worked through” what I will be explaining over the next few months in this series. 

Dysfunctional marriages work- so have hope.  (more…)

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I loved the movie Atonement- until the end.  Atonement was articulate, intense,  passionate, meaningful, romantic and deep.  In the end, the heart of the movie was pulled out.  Its need for a climactically atoning ending never occured.   

The movie anticlimaxed with a placebo “atonement”.  For me, the whole movie came crashing down, as if the cornerstone was pulled out.  

Atonement portrays “atonement” as if it can be otained through one’s artistic abilities (writing great novels).  One reviewer wrote: 

“Can an artist make amends for her sins through her art?”  – Peter Travis of Rolling Stone.

Is our need for atonement transcendant and substantial or is it something we can create for ourselves? Is atonement an subjective occurance or it is an absolute-  related to what we need before God?    

ER artfully, passionately and articulately trumps Atonement’s empty defintion of atonement:

  I found this at Christ is Deeper

Dr Truman needs real (more…)

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building-bridges-romans-16_494_1024x768.jpgMaybe it feels like there is something missing in our lives because there is.

Maybe the voice that tells us we need to make time for ourselves is right.

If we don’t prioritize our time, we will be victims to a tyrany- the tyrany of what “presses us the most. ” (more…)

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prost2.jpgThe bully’s awareness of her sin feels like an accusation by itself- but he likes words better.  He sadistically watches the sinner clinching- wounded, spiteful and condemned.  For her part, she is collecting her anger to unleash her spite in an emotional rage…   

The preacher walks in, but not to defend or debate.  He proclaims: Here is God’s truth, the ground of self righteousness has been removed; (more…)

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